The Osbournes

The Osbourne a household name all over the globe! It is easy to love them or just simple hate them, but with the Osbourne family you can't be indifferent.

Ozzy Osbourne the dad has his prestige as the controversial leader among his band and named Black Sabbath. It is about six years ago that Ozzie and his funny family started a reality TV show called "The Osbournes".

If you one of those people which loves Ozzy, the pretty Sharon, Jack and Kelly, this is the perfect video slot machine game for you to start playing. All four the Osbournes family members are included in the icons in this video slot machine game.

The software designers used Mini their cat, a photo of the Osbournes family, a guitar and microphone, and last but not the least the newest Emmy Award that the family won for their TV Reality show.

The gold door knocker and Ozzies favorite chair are also form part of the icons in this game.

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